I am learning.

The pictures are entirely unrelated to the content, I promise.
It does no good to second guess yourself about the people you trust and the people you love.

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Children are not midget versions of yourself. They have their own personalities. You can't make children what you want them to be if that's not what they are.

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Teach your kids how to swim when they're young. Your daughters before they start puberty, and your sons before they start feeling awkward around girls in swimsuits.

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An ideal vacation for me would be to go see every place that has been significant in the development of Christianity, and cathedrals.

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It's no wonder why Chanel No. 5 is considered a classic perfume. It smells mostly like baby oil to me but somehow conjures mental images of secret agent sex, feathers, little black dresses, expensive cars, and even more expensive men. I imagine wearing this when I get older and sometimes want to pretend I am 30 instead of pretending I am a 20-something living in NYC.
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