hanging out

Pockets visibly hanging out of denim shorts? DO NOT WANT.

However, men's shorts seem to have extra deep pockets anyway, so I will forgive myself for this pocket mishap:

Above, green t-shirt: Old Navy, mother's. Jacket: gift. Shorts: secondhand Old Navy, brother's + DIY. Tights: H&M. Plaid shoes: Keds.

Wore to thrift and walk around shady parts of the city on a sunny day. Went home with an embroidery hoop. (I'm getting very good at this "willpower" thing and find that I kind of like self-denial. I enjoy being tragic and not buying clothes, you know?) Most exciting part of the day was undoubtedly the fabric store which was basically a warehouse full of Costco-esque shelves stacked with rolls of every fabric you could possibly need.
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