I don't know why I felt like breaking my own rules, but I woke up with a conviction to wear my white tights, so I put on an entirely white outfit. While I did feel like I got everything dirty after just sitting in class for three hours, it was definitely a positive monochromatic experience. Dressing in one color is always fun because of the challenge. For me, anyway.

all white outfitAbove, white blouse; grandmother's. Double-breasted white cardigan: grandmother's. White skirt: secondhand, thrifted, Community Thrift. White tights: Nordstrom. Less than white shoes: Payless.

all white outfitall white outfitPutting on white tights always makes me feel very costume-y, like I need to put on full Lolita garb or otherwise draw excessive attention to the virginal connotations of wearing white, like in the 2009 calendar from French Vogue.

(And in case you somehow do not know, here's a site where you can find some background on Lolita Fashion.)

japanese lolitasAbove, two Lolitas... in full Lolita garb.

french vogue 2009 calendar white outfitAbove, from the French Vogue 2009 calendar.

Except less sexy. Because I feel a little Briony Tallis from Atonement, which makes me think of harsh soap, dead and burned bodies, regret, and brain damage, all of which are decidedly not sexy.

atonement screencap briony tallis nurseatonement screencap briony tallis nurseatonement screencap briony tallis nurse
Above, Briony Tallis from Atonement. It's moments like these that remind me how visually right this film is. Also, is it just me or are her ankles insanely skinny here?

My shoes could do with some cleaning, but I'm thinking of just buying a new pair because they're falling apart. And I can't believe Jocelyn wouldn't stand in front of me when I wore this skirt once and needed to tie my shoe, claiming that "It really isn't that short." In that case, I don't know what short is.

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