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I had to exchange my Near Eastern Studies reader at a copy center on the other side of campus because they gave me two of the same thing, which, most unfortunately, required getting dressed. On the bright side, I have mentally resolved that being a Cal student doesn't mean I have to embody Cal. Hence, shots of Stanford red.

Above, sweatshirt: Cal Student Store. Lips: MAC Slimshine in Swelter. I (Heart) NY t-shirt: Chinatown, New York. Shorts: mother's, Old Navy + scissors. Tacky red socks: don't know. White canvas shoes: Payless.

Anyway, as someone extremely uncomfortable in my skin (and I mean skin, not body), it was a bit of an accomplishment for me to step out bare-legged in front of people who aren't family. In fact, going bare-legged was one of my short-term goals for this year, and it's another step in this year's resolution to get more comfortable in my skin, however I have to do it.

Go me.
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