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This is what the internet has brought me recently.
  • Huzzah! Jessica finally got her Tolani scarf from chickdowntown after some miscommunication. Looking good!
  • Having a panda named Ling-Ling pseudo-photographer named Ling-Ling as a friend makes my photos look really pathetic. Son, I cannot believe you took this:
  • From Philip Guo's article "On Popularity," which I disagree with on many points but is an interesting read nonetheless.
I now realize that, like most non-cool kids, I conformed to the fashion trends not to try to become cool, but simply to try to avoid standing out in a negative way, to prevent the blatant NERD-ALERT sirens from ringing whenever someone looked at me.

Everyone can spot a good-looking face because those are fairly rare...

...race does matter in determining popularity.
Non-technical jobs heavily emphasize soft skills involving interpersonal interactions or qualitative abilities, and being popular in high school is a great pre-requisite for such jobs. If you are a popular kid, then you are likely to excel in soft skills like getting people to like you, getting people to do favors for you, and making people feel good about themselves when they are around you, which will serve you well as a non-technical college major and in pursuing a future non-technical career. [Emphasis added.]

...everyone knows that taller and better-looking people are more likely to be able to command authority, respect, and garner positive attention than ugly midget-gnome hybrids...

The primary disadvantage of a non-technical major is that people who know you will often give you flak about majoring in something 'useless' or 'impractical'. You will more likely have to defend your choice of major to your parents, relatives, friends, and even people you meet at cocktail parties. This is especially true when you are young and without a steady career under your belt; there is a heavier burden on you to show that you can make something of your life and career relying primarily on soft skills. On the upside, if you are older and already established in your respective career path, then nobody could care less that you majored in 14th Century Pottery.
Above, from Mathilde Laluque at Atelier Chardon Savard, via Sense of Fashion
  • And a pair of hell yes tights:
Above, Lola Martin at Atelier Chardon Savard, via Sense of Fashion
  • Ben Moss's twitter status, which expresses how I often feel.
  • And finally, the girl I am going to be rooting for the hardest (aside from myself) and shooting mental looks of envy that she is doing what I don't think I have it in me to do, Jessie.
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