REBELATION! Because in Spanish, b and v are interchangeable.

WOAH, YOU GUYS. I thought the people on Chictopia were just being narrow-minded and lame (because anything negative directed toward me is of course narrow-minded and lame), but I am looking at my outfits just from earlier this year and they are seriously wtf.

Because I am too lazy to comment on people's outfits on Chictopia, I will instead post a couple of my commenters' things here:

Above, fazed-girl approves of the huge haircessory, the scarf, the shoes, and the floral tights from missmadhatter.

Above, an altered tank top with zipper cowl neckline from ms_dyno.

Above, just try to say no to this. I dare you. Short in the back, long in the front haircut: check. Deliberate glasses: check. Color scheme: check. Something floral: check. Drop-crotch: check. Really good shoes: check. And that is why you should check out inKARLcerating.
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