I wish I could talk to animals.

Despite associating anything leopard print with old ladies wearing stirrup leggings and fanny packs gambling in Vegas, I really do try to understand. Really. For example, I understand these leopard print shorts and this leopard print cardigan.

But why, why, in the name of all that is good in this world, would you ever think of mixing leopard print with a repeating butterfly motif? I suppose mixing leopard spots with butterfly wings could be thematically appropriate, and that this picture just happens to make this dress look like a huge pair of pants, and that the colors could be nice together, but for $396, just say no. I can't do it. Maybe you can. I'm not strong enough.

Also, if I want a leopard print top that costs $84, I want one that satisfies both of these requirements:
A) does not give the impression of recently being mauled by a leopard
B) does not give the impression that there was not enough mauled leopard for two sleeves
...This top does not satisfy the above requirements:

*Disclaimer: I am sorry if any of you own the leopard print I do not understand. I repeat, I am just not strong enough.
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