sock it to me

My brother was here this weekend for his first birthday at home in five years, which called for a clam chowder and caramel apple run to the pier, which requires lots of loose change for street parking. Enter my sock.

Above, sweater: mother's. T-shirt: BFF, Threadless. Necklace: keychain + DIY, gift. Sock: Old Navy. Shoes: Harajuku Lovers.

We were going to use a white cotton sock to carry our parking meter money, but I actually don't own any, so I had to go with this pair, which needed to be stretched out anyway.

And here's the redic necklace I was sporting, made from a blingy keychain my friend got me when I was about twelve. You might assume that the S is my first initial, standing for my first name, but no. S stands for SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot, just like Cho Chang, the girl that Harry's been totally in love with since freshmen year. (She has a Southern accent.)

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