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It's so hot that when my mama picked me up, she said that it's like there's

In other news, I got into my theater class! Granted, it is an intro course, but getting through auditions is always stressful, so I'm glad it's over. In even more shocking news, this week has been really good, and Cal is not making me want to throw up or cry yet.

Here's what I wore to my audition to look clean and serious but very much young and female.

And here's the expression I had on my face for a large part of my monologue as Mirandolina.

Actually, I feel like the Mirandolina monologue doesn't require much emotional investment; the challenge is being Mirandolina rather than playing her, because everyone has some Mirandolina in him or her. It's just hard to tap into that part on command. Which is what rehearsing is for.

Above, white puff-sleeve blouse: United Colors of Benetton. Satin shorts: Nordstrom Rack. Light gray argyle tights: H&M. Ballet flats: Palladium.
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