Happy New Year!

I wanted to wish all my lovely followers a Happy New Year and I hope 2011 brings you happiness, joy and lots of opportunities!

I know I know, you’re probably sick reading these kinda posts but I want to put my resolutions down in black n white this year so I absolutely, definitely, positively must stick to them! So here goes…

I will take more pictures. I come from a really big family and have 3 brothers and 2 sisters yet I think it’s been about 5 years since we took a pic of everyone together!

I’m gonna stop worrying about my weight and just eat what I want. I’m sick counting calories and worrying that I wont be able to squeeze into my favourite dress. If necessary I’ll just buy the same dress in a bigger size :)

I’m gonna spend less and give more. I hardly ever give to charity these days so instead of buying stuff I don’t particularly need I’m gonna save the cash throughout the year and give it to a worthy cause

I’ll learn to drive

I shall run the Belfast marathon. I used to run a lot but I’ve gotten lazy over the last while so this will be a hard one but I know I will be able to do it if I put in enough time and effort. I’ll donate the funds to charity

I’m gonna take up a new (creative) hobby. Havent decided on one yet but I’m thinking something like origami or knitting might be good

I’m gonna read more. I seem to read nothing but trash at the min so I’m going to pick up a few classics that I’ve been meaning to get for ages and will actually go to bed half an hour earlier to ensure I have time to do some reading every day!

I guess that’s all… seems like LOADS but I think a lot of them are things I should be doing anyway! How about you? Made any resolutions this year? Do you ever stick to them or are you like me and have often given up by the 3rd of Jan? ♥

Joy xx
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