After much delay,

No offense (by which I mean this is kind of cruel and I hope she never reads this), but I had to laugh at the girl who showed up at the ticket line at around 9 PM and said "THEY'RE ALL SOLD OUT?"

(In case you were gravely concerned with her Potterlessness, her story ends happily - there was a 3 AM showing that was available.)

Here are me and my favorite lab partner in the world:

Stephanie's sweater and tights: mine. My sweater: my brother's. Ravenclaw tie: gift from my brother. Polo shirt: Catholic school uniform. Skirt: made by my grandmother. Argyle tights: H&M. Argyle socks: gift. Flats: Steve Madden.

The shiny spot on my forehead is where Jon drew on my lightning bolt scar with eyeliner. Usually I would have used lip liner, but I threw away my only lip liner during my makeup purge, so I ended up with a shimmery silver scar, which is... kind of like unicorn blood, I guess. Anyway, Jon and I were looking for a well-lit place to draw each other's scars on and accidentally ended up wandering to the film rooms (or whatever they are):

This is our photographer Jon, whose incredible dedication to Harry Potter led him to buy a t-shirt from Hot Topic right before heading out to the theater. As you can see, he wasn't aware of how small Hot Topic tees run (I can fit a small at most places, but I literally cannot jam my body into a Hot Topic small), thus! Awkward sleeve action and Severus "The Bravest Man I Ever Knew" Snape:

See how Stephanie and I are damsels in distress? We're actually faking it, because we know Harry Potter is going to save us. Because he's Harry Freakin' Potter. (He's the man.)

Unfortunately, I happened to be in the bathroom for the five minutes when a group of people came into the theater to perform "The Mysterious Ticking Noise," so I had to console myself afterward by watching the Potter Puppet Pals version over and over and over.

...Snape, Snape, Severus Snape...
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