New favourite lip product

GOSH Soft n Shine lip balm in Sweetheart (39)

Sunday again :( *le sigh*Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Today has been totally awesome cos we put the Christmas tree up so the house is all festive and cosy. Then I went to the cinema and watched Megamind (best animated film I’ve seen in ages) and generally just pottered about after that. Perfect Sunday in my opinion :)

I wanted to mention a lip product I picked up recently cos it’s quickly become one of my favourites

This is such an odd item because it looks like a lipstick, the package says it’s a balm, yet when it’s applied it looks like a gloss :/ So far I haven’t found a single fault with this (Give me time. There’s bound to be something!) so figured it deserved a few words of praise

A few things I love about this:

Packaging: Sleek, simple, thin black metal tube. Different from any other product I own and I think it’s very plain and elegant

Smell: Sweet subtle vanilla scent. Pleasant but definitely not overpowering

Texture: Although this looks like a lipstick it goes on like a good quality lip balm and managed to stay feeling smooth and creamy for ages. I haven’t found anything else that looks as good as this whilst still feeling exceptionally moisturising

Appearance: Theres a great selection of colours and after debating with myself for about a decade the shade I’ve gone for is pale pink with a hint of shimmer. It’s not drastically different from my natural lip colour so I can get away with wearing this with pretty much any makeup look

Price: Under £8

Right, I best be off because I wanna make some tea and read a few chapters of my book before I head to bed ♥

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