Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

As a general rule I'll know almost immediately whether or not I'm gonna get along with a new foundation and there's very little grey area; we'll either be arch enemies of BFFs.OMG, did I acutally just say BFF?!? And OMG?!?! Arrrggghh what's wrong with me?! Right, I've officially been spending waaay to much time in front of my computer

Where was I? Oh yes… the foundation. Application is always important to me cos I'm insanely lazy first thing in the morning so I essentially want a foundation that I can throw at my face, rub around a bit and end up with a perfectly blended, flawless look with great coverage. And this delivers. I'd give the coverage 7/10 as it hides my blemishes pretty well and even does a great job evening out the skin tone around my eyes after a late night

Unfortunately the desired effect is short lived because after a few hours I look so greasy you'd think I'd smeared baby oil on my face. I kid you not. I sometimes suffer from a slightly oily t-zone, which kinda sucks but it's no biggy cos it's nothing a little powder wont rectify. However with this foundation my entire face looked oily. To top it off the product had sunk into my pores so they looked like enormous (oil-filled) olympic sized swimming pools. Niiiice

It's a shame really because I had high hopes for this what with Rimmel Lasting Finish being one of the best foundations ever. I have no doubt that someone with dry skin might adore this but if your skin is veering towards oily at all I can't see it working out too well

I reckon I'd happily wear this if I was only heading out somewhere nice for a couple of hours because the colour matches my skin tone perfectly, it's easy to apply and looks absolutely superb for a little while. But as an all day foundation or big night out foundation it just doesn’t cut it

I’d love to hear what you reckon if you've tried this as I haven’t come across any posts on it yet :)

Oh and as for price it’s about £8.99 so wont break the bank but there are far better foundations out there in the same price range! ♥
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