My 1st Shopping Experience @ J CARD Members' Day Sale

JUSCO is having J CARD Members' Day Sale and it is happening at JUSCO Mid Valley today & tomorrow. The discounts are up to 70% & it’s exclusively for J Card Members only. So… take this opportunity to grab something for yourself & family members since Chinese New Year is around the corner. Ha... Ha… this is actually my 1st shopping experience @ J CARD Members' Day Sale & it is super crowded!

I left my house at 6.20pm and there is a very serious traffic jam getting into Mid Valley Shopping Centre. It took me almost 30 minutes to reach the car park area.

My main intention to Mid Valley was to buy ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ movie tickets for Friday night's show and I end up shopping at Jusco Mid Valley. :(

Kanebo & Elianto also having stock clearance at Jusco Mid Valley and the discounts are 30% ~ 80% depends on the product. But the Kanebo sale is not really attractive as compare to the previous sale at the Centre Court, The Curve last week.

Kanebo : Price ranging from RM5.00 – RM35.00

Elianto : Price ranging from RM1.50 – RM19.50

Time 2240 : I am in a heavy traffic jam once again...

Here's my haul! Mostly my baby stuffs & I bought a dress for myself.

There was a special rewards for loyal J Card members, whereas if you spend RM100 at the General Merchandise Store (Pink Receipt) and get a RM10 JUSCO Gift Voucher or spend RM100 at the JUSCO Supermarket (Green Receipt) and get a RM5 JUSCO Gift Voucher. Remember! White Receipt is not entitle for JUSCO Gift Voucher!

So, if you're heading to Jusco Mid Valley today, do expect to hit traffic jams and plan accordingly.
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