My Favorite Item @ Kose Warehouse Sale

Kose Warehouse Sale is here again! Some of you may think that the warehouse sale would be crowded but there wasn't the case. You can definitely take your own sweet time and shop comfortably. But in terms of price, I would not say it's cheap. For me, I would rather go for the gift-with-purchase & membership rewards program.

I have only been to Kose Warehouse sale twice, and I didn't really spend much. But, there is a must-buy item for me whenever I was there. I would strongly recommend the Fasio Perfect Cleansing Oil and it has been my favorite cleanser for almost a year now.  

If I'm not mistaken, it's retail at RM49.90 for 230ml. But, if you are getting it today at the Kose warehouse sale, all you need to pay is just RM 26.00! You save almost 50%! 

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