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Good evening all! Can you believe Christmas is over for another year? I'm so glad I have tomorrow off work cos I've been incredibly busy so I'm looking forward to a day spent doing as little as humanly possible

Buffy (£5.00 90g)

An exfoliating scrub for your seating area

I kinda wanted to be able to say this was yummy scrummy on my bummy (yep, I've definitely been spending too much time with my brother Matty. He's 10. To him that's the height of sophisticated wit) but alas it wasn't, so I can't :( Now this isnt a particularly bad product or anything but the residue it left behind just didn't sit well with me. See what I did there? "sit well with me" and it's a bum product? Oh I crack myself up

Aaanyway...This looks, feels and smells perfectly nice when I'm using it - not too rough but still coarse enough that it feels like it's smoothing and softening the skin on my thighs n bottom. I used this a couple of times as instructed on the packet but the greasy residue didn't soak into my skin at all so it was driving me mad cos my jammies were sticking to my legs

Now when I'm using this I give myself a good old scrub and then wash the same area with a regular shower gel. All scrubbed and grease-free - result!

I haven't noticed much difference in my skin texture but it’s a pretty enjoyable product to use

Would I buy this? Nope, I'll be sticking with Soap & Glorys Scrub Actually

Oatifix Face Mask (£4.75 for 75g)

There isn't a single thing about this product that I don't like. It looks really natural, smells like my nephews mushy baby desserts i.e deliciously sweet and lovely and leaves my skin looking and feeling fantastic. All for the bargain price of £4.75!

I kept this in the fridge for a couple of days before trying it so it felt all cool and refreshing. Thanks to the natural ingredients it didn't irritate my skin and the best part was how the little almond shavings exfoliated my skin as I washed this off. Kinda like a face mask and face scrub in one. Absolutely brilliant

Ever had a great face mask that leaves your skin feeling seriously gorgeous but can't be used often cos it's just too harsh? Me too. I used this mask every other day for 2 weeks cos I just enjoy the ritual of applying it at about 9pm when I sit down with a nice cup of tea and magazine with QVC on in the background and my skin seems to have really appreciated all the attention

I've heard great things about all the other Lush face masks too and thanks to this one I shall be treating myself to a little selection asap

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and got everything on your list to Santa ♥

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