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Don’t you just love when you have really low expectations for a new product but it turns out to be completely awesome?!

My secret santa at work was my best friend and house mate so he got me a ton of Soap & Glory stuff! I was sooo pleased because I’ve started to really enjoy their products and I had run out of almost everything – I love my Scrub Actually so much that I will always cut the bottle in half to scrape out every last drop!

I wasn’t really looking forward to trying the Glad Hair Day shampoo or conditioner because I’d tried the Hair Supply conditioner in the past and it’s crap…

Possibly one of my least favourite conditoners ever...

So I was pleasantly surprised when I used my new hair goodies on boxing day because my hair felt clean, soft, smooth and it even had that distinctive Soap& Glory smell (MMMmmmmMmm) I’ve used them 3 times since then and love them more every time I do :)

One of the most annoying things about shampoo/conditioner combos is that a lot of them leave a build up over time and it always makes me feel the need to change what I use every month or so. Glad Hair Day claims to have a no build up formula so in theory I should be able to use this forever without feeling the need to switch. I kinda doubt that but shall let you know ♥

Oh I nearly forgot to mention the price! These are just over a fiver each for 250ml bottles. Far from bargain products but not exactly expensive either

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