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Good evening all :) Hope you've had a nice day so far... I spent mine cleaning my bedroom and have thrown out soooo much stuff! I've decided to keep my house as neat and well organised as possible so after work tomorrow I shall be cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom. Not the most exciting way to spend the evening but needs must n all that!

Honey I Washed The Kids (£2.95 per 100g)

This is a honey and toffee scented soap with aloe vera. Now I should probably mention that I hate soap. By soap I mean the traditional bars that you had to use as a kid, the ones that don’t come in particularly nice packaging, never look very pretty and are a bit of a nightmare to store. They don’t appeal to me and although I try to be open minded I wasn’t expecting great things from this

What pleased me greatly is the quality of this soap… I found it so nice to use that I invested in a lovely little silver soap dish cos I’ve already bought my second bar. Who’d’ve thunk it, eh?

As with all Lush goodies the first thing that I noticed was the smell! I hadn’t even got it out of the little paper bag and knew I was onto a winner. It’s sweet and smells scrummy enough to eat. As for how it looks, well as far as I’m concerned it looks like any other bar of soap; bland, boring and er, dull :)

The texture is creamy and luxurious – makes me feel like I’m washing myself in something really sweet and natural like milk and honey. I generally use this all over after I’ve shaved and although it leaves my skin all nice n smooth it doesn’t leave behind a horrible residue which is always important!

The reason this stood out to me was because Adryen noticed that my skin felt softer. He’s a typical man in a lot of ways; I’ve had to point out that I had half my hair chopped off before he realised I looked a bit different, so the fact that he actually noticed that my skin felt softer spoke volumes about the quality of this soap

Would I buy this again? Already have

Whipstick Lip balm (£4.75 for 10g)

This is a chocolate-orange lip balm and I’m afraid I’ve found it to be completely average. The taste is ok, the texture is ok and the softening/smoothing ability is… Yep, you’ve guess it… just ok

If you’re a big fan of orange chocolate then this might be worth investing in but it’s £4.75 for a teensy tin and in the interests of reviewing this I’ve used it fairly frequently so I can say with certainty that it’s not gonna last that long

Although it might be handy in the autumn or spring I think most people will need something more hydrating in winter to deal with that awful combination of harsh winds and central heating so as far as I’m concerned this just doesn’t cut the mustard

I love the little metal tin this comes in and I have enjoyed using it but I wont be purchasing it again ♥

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