pre-thanksgiving, 2010 & W1L 007: Write one leaf in which you say "Thank You."

Punctuality fail.

Convertible mittens: J. Crew, gift. Gryffindor necklace: Hot Topic. Gray crew-neck sweatshirt: Target. Lace-trim Peter Pan collar blouse: French Toast Uniforms. Skirt: secondhand, gift. Socks: Sock Dreams. Boots: Steven by Steve Madden.

W1L 007: Write one leaf in which you say "Thank You."

This is slightly skewed fact. But only slightly.

DISCLAIMER: Steven was not trying to set me up with Ravi, and I don’t have a thing for Ravi. I might have a thing for his banana nut bread, though. That was not a euphemism.

Let me preface this by acknowledging that there are a lot of unsung heroes in my life who deserve to have a page written in thanks for their contributions to my growth and development as a person. My high school drama teacher, who gave me the most important praise I have ever received about my writing, because it was told to me secondhand. My mother, who pushed me through her birth canal and paid for nine years of private school. My friends, whose vulnerability and willingness I value deeply, and one of whom I originally wrote about for this prompt. All the usual suspects. But writing about any of them would be too easy, and besides, what have they really done for me?


No, today’s unsung hero is – well, I think his roommate put it best.

“He’s an attractive young Indian man, who is very clean and organized, his cooking is delicious and he makes amazing baked goods, and his jumpshot is one of the smoothest in all of basketball. He also knows math.”

Fuck yeah, Ravi – this one’s for you.

When my TA offered his roommate to me for one-on-one tutoring before my math midterm this summer, because I had skipped lecture the entire week beforehand thinking I might drop the class, he introduced him with the choice description above, and I was like, “The fuck you tryna pull, Steven?”

But goddammit if he wasn’t completely right about him. Not only did Ravi meet up with me clad in basketball shorts after hitting the court with Steven, but thanks to his superior teaching abilities (physics TA, natch) and math skillz, I earned myself a whopping 54% on my math midterm – sadly enough, well above the mean, the only test problem I got full credit for being about Taylor polynomials, which I hadn’t gone to lecture for but which Ravi helped me work through.

In addition to helping me pass my math class, he really did make amazing baked goods. His banana-nut bread was better than any store-bought kind I’d ever had, and his dairy-free chocolate cupcakes contented my taste buds nearly as much as they contented my despairing soul right after I walked out of my math classroom feeling like I had just failed everyone who had ever tried to help me in college even worse than I had just failed that midterm. (Which ended up being curved at the end of the semester, without our knowledge.)

So today, my thanks and gratitude go out to Ravi. Your moderately-to-rather attractive math-tutoring, pastry-baking, bearded brown self can butter my muffin any day.

That was a euphemism.
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