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Happy Wednesday all! Hope you’ve had a nice week so far

I wanted to thank everyone for commenting on my “pre-owned makeup” post. I was really surprised (and delighted!) by the positive responses so I’ll be snapping away and posting pics of some stuff asap. Haven’t decided on all the details yet but it should be fairly straightforward :)

On another note I wanted to mention a lip gloss that I absolutely adore because I don’t think I’ve actually done a post specifically about a MAC product before. To be honest I’m not a big MAC fan *le gasp!* I know there are people who totally worship the whole range (not to mention all the limited edition collections) but I just think a lot of it is hyped up and overrated

It’s not that I dislike all the stuff of course; I just think there are a lot of drugstore brands that do the same job for less than half the price. When it comes to makeup if I’m gonna be spending 3 hours wages on a single item then I expect some seriously good results

Dazzleglass in Rags to Riches

One of the MAC items that definitely delivers is the Dazzleglass. I think this is one of the best glosses around and I love almost everything about it. It smells lovely, feels smooth but not oily and although it’s sticky it’s not uncomfortably so

This gloss looks beautiful on; it’s a bit OTT because the teensy shimmery glitter particles catch the light brilliantly so the end result is glittertastic (or dazzly if you will) and it leaves my lips looking shiny and full. It even comes in a massive range of shades so you’re almost guaranteed to find one that suits you – I’m pretty dull when it comes to gloss and generally opt for a pretty pale pink colour

Oh oh oh did I mention that it lasts ages too? Always a bonus if you ask me cos I’m not a big fan of reapplying makup throughout the day

My only complaint is the applicator because it’s a brush. I guess we all end up liking what we’re used to so when it comes to lip gloss I’m always disappointed if the applicator isn’t just a standard wand. This still works perfectly well but I definitely think gloss is more difficult to apply with a brush

Anyone else tried this? Would you consider yourself a big fan of all things MAC? ♥
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