fashion week: trois

Are you ready for even more photo-heavy postage (posting?) with borderline genius, deeply analytical one-line commentary from your favorite (unbelievably photogenic) blogger? YEAH? As before, all images from

(Also, I realize these posts are in total contradiction of my statement that "I am more interested in style than fashion," but I really am okay with going glassy-eyed over runway fashion but not partaking in it. Figuring out how to take seasonal runway fashion and make it my own with my limited wardrobe is part of my style, I guess. Plus, I justify making these posts with the argument that Agathe from StyleBytes (my fashion blogging hero! Even more so than Queen Michelle or Susie Bubble or Rumi or anyone else) used to post so frequently and always covered the runways. So there.)

Above, from Jeremy Laing. I don't know what to say about the top except that someone else would wear it better than I could, but I like the weird lines on the leggings and how the horizontal part goes slightly above the knees. They make me think of mosaics, mortar, and stained glass windows (really ugly ones). If these came in tights-form, I would be on them (in them?) in a hot second.

Above, more Jeremy Laing. Grayscale me real good, baby. Also, check the deets on the leggings. Subtle.

Above, from Karen Walker. Oh, mother! The print! And matching bag with a smaller print. That's brilliant. And the print reminds me of laundry drying on a line. Or strings of pennants.

Above, from Karen Walker because I can never take polka dots seriously and I love them.

Above, also from Karen Walker. I don't know what circumstances would prompt the use of three tote bags (seriously stylish grocery shopping?), but the sweater is oh my gosh, YES! I am so easily pleased by excellent use of colors.

Above, another Karen Walker I could not resist. Seriously, take a pretty girl, put her in nerdy glasses, and I'm sold. That being said I of course enjoy the print immensely, as well as the dress silhouette (the tiny sleeves!) and visible over-the-ankle socks.

Above, from Lacoste. I might actually have just included this because I like Chanel Iman's face. Yeahhh, girl. Oh, and the baggy polo + swingy skirt combo reminds me of my K-8 Catholic school.

Above, also from Lacoste. You are not allowed to say no when (insert name of current designer for Lacoste) sends Emma Pei and Tao Okamoto down the runway in their bowl haircuts and contrasting dresses. Cute Asian girls with short hair in MATCHING PAIRS? Does it get any better?

Above, also from Lacoste. Nothing particularly special, I just like the shoes and the idea of monochrome. I'm so plebeian, you guys.

Above, from Richard Chai. Is the print and cut of the dress not immediately covetable?

Above, another from Richard Chai. What is she wearing? Embellished shorts? I want them. Intelligent sentences.

Above, another from Richard Chai. Things made of win: baggy pants with rolled cuffs. Possibly layered vests. Vest with SPARKLES!

Above, bigass necklace from VPL.

Above, another bigass necklace from VPL.

Above, last bigass necklace from VPL.
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