a room of one's own

I will have better apartment pictures (that actually show the apartment and not just the nooks and crannies of my room), but for now, consider this a preview.

My shelf of secrets.

Includes Burberry London, Clinique Happy (a gift), hotel mouthwash, Jergens Natural Glow, Yves Saint Laurent moisturizer, saline solution, Aquaphor for extra dry knees/elbows/feet, contact cleaning solution, contact conditioning solution, contact case, case for contact case, Benefit primer (only for my audition!), Coralista (also only for my audition!), and peppermint body wash, among other things.

Here are my books (when I still thought I would be taking Cognitive Science instead of Intro to Acting). Note that My Secret and The Tales of Beedle the Bard are considered necessary for my sanity and are not actually required textbooks. Sadly.

And my notebooks for this semester, all of which are smaller than standard size. I have the feeling choosing small notebooks was not a wise decision, but time will tell.

Speaking of nooks and crannies and not speaking of the apartment, my current desktop looks like this.

I have yet to add affirmative statements to the wall above my bed, but I will as soon as I decide which ones are worth the the thumb injuries from forcefully inserting pushpins. I'm currently entertaining the idea of...

"Trust that you are loved."
"Make good."
"All will be forgiven."
"Stop slouching!"
"hella classy"

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