London Fashion Week: Part the Last

And this is the last of London Fashion Week, because it didn’t particularly thrill me. (I don’t know why NYFW did; it usually doesn’t particularly.) Photos via

Above, from Richard Nicoll. I’m going to ignore how close this is to a Don’t-Show-Cha-Your-Chocha because the colors here work so well together. We have the brightest color, an orange-coral peeking out at the top, then a dustier shade of it in the skirt, and this sort of dusty lavender-pink variant as the top. Gorgeous!

Above, also from Richard Nicoll, first because the scarf reminds me of the Balenciaga one Keira Knightley wore in that Vogue photoshoot with the elephant in Louis Vuitton, and second because again we have a pretty lavender and coral-pink combination. I don’t own anything lavender because it’s not really my color (I think it works better on pale blondes), but the combination is a bit unexpected.

Above, from Roskanda Ilincic, because really, what is there to say? Feather epaulets, a sequined bodice, feathered skirt with little metal (or something) panels. Fierce as hell.

Above, from Unique. First of all, hair love! Second, the bra disguising itself as a top. It looks like chopped-off overalls, but um, I sort of love it.

Above, from Vivienne Westwood Red Label. While I’m not interested in the dress, there is a frog on the hat, people. A frog. Explanation not required.

Above, also from Vivienne Westwood Red Label. Coral-pink with pink, very pretty, and the shorts are some redic shiny material that I want to get my hands on.
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