Yeah, I wish. More like surgical mask.

I would show you what I've been wearing for the past week, but it basically looked like this, give or take a white Hanes tee/college logo sweatshirt/skinny jeans for class:

I'm pretty sure I don't have swine flu, but I do have a cold and an 81-year-old grandmother I would like to keep healthy. So I've been quarantined in this room for my weekend at home.

I did, however, have a dentist appointment on Saturday that I felt well enough to dress up for. (Dressing up for the dentist? Is this an all-time low?) Here's a hint of it (and all you're getting because I was too tired to take photos of myself (shock)).

With any luck, my immune system isn't entirely useless and I will have acceptable outfits again soon.
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