NYFW: deux

Again, there are way too many pictures, so I'll do the world a favor and split this into two posts.

Above, from ADAM. The print on that top and the necklace! Oh, the necklace. I need to acquire something this length.

Above, also from ADAM. This really just amounts to a tank dress, but doesn't it look like a cloud in clothing form? Also, whatever her necklace is. I wish there were detail pictures. And the shoes.

Above, also from ADAM because FEATHER SKIRT!

Above, and the last from ADAM, once again for the print and the necklusssst.

Above, no NYFW post is complete without a mention of Alexander Wang, whose whole line looked very As American As The Football We Play With Our Hands. I'm not much of a Wang girl myself (far too cool for me, and I don't like doing sexy), but I still think he's a brilliant designer who has so far managed to create fresh looks every season. And I have, of course, picked out a sweater that I'm sure will be all over the blogosphere.

Above, seriously, though, what is it even made out of? What's the clear part? Also knit? What are the non-clear parts? Is it nylon mesh? Is it stretchy?

Above, more Alexander Wang.

Above, more Alexander Wang.

Above, even more Alexander Wang.

Above, last Alexander Wang sweater. I can't even imagine how someone could DIY this.

Above, Alexander Wang lace-up leather shorts, oh sweet fashion gods, this is like pigskin for your butt, only it's cow (unless they're faux).

Above, from Alexander Wang. This reminds me of a sparkly ostrich, and all the Christmas sweaters I wore as a child. And I want! Especially mixed with sheer black.

Above, more sparkly ostrich Alexander Wang.

Above, why Alexander Wang is a genius. Exposed zipper, sparkly ostrich vest, puff sleeves, sheer black, this man knows how to make a girl say YES.

Above, from Boy by Band of Outsiders. The sweater, of course.

Above, from Boy by Band of Outsiders, THE SHOES!

Above, from Boy by Band of Outsiders. I'm going to be really predictable and want the bandage skirt.

Above, from Chado Ralph Rucci. I didn't care for the rest of the collection very much, but this asymmetrical print intrigued me so much. I couldn't figure out what it was until I saw a similar print in another outfit:

Above, from Chado Ralph Rucci. Men printed on a dress! Win! Actually, I still can't tell what the first print was an image of, but what a bizarre idea. I'm not sure how innovative it is, but it looks really different from everything else so far.

All images shamelessly lifted off style.com.
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