London Fashion Week (deux)

Photos shamelessly ripped off

Above, from PPQ, as you can tell by the huge lettering behind the model. This is actually a bit too costume-y for me (I know, look who's talking), but the shape of the collar is really interesting, and I like how it extends all the way out to the shoulders like a mini-cape.

Above, from Peter Pilotto. Holy shit, guys, what is he doing with color and print?

Above, from Luella, but of course. Not that I would wear this, but I think the standard for cute has just been set.

Above, from Fashion East, sort of unremarkable, but isn't this totally the kind of girl you want to be friends with?
Above, from Duro Olowu, because you cannot escape patterns this good, especially when they're mixed.

Above, from Burberry Prorsum because 1) mint green, 2) the belt looks like Iekeline (is that her?) has a sheathed dagger waiting to be used, and 3) the entire show was a beautiful example of socks-with-sandals.

Above, from Basso & Brooke, because this is so blatant it is tacky artistically, but it sure looks graphic as a dress.
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