It's a testament to how awesome my mom is that she is willing to fuel my self-indulgent habits by offering to take pictures of me when we're just going for a walk. Of course, having a prop gives me more of an excuse to leap in front of cameras, but vanity isn't really something to cultivate in your children. Unless it's me, because... I am so awesome.

(I swear I only brought this umbrella because it was sunny and all my hats are at school.)

Above, subtle tee: DIY. Jeans: Levi's via Costco. Sneakers: Harajuku Lovers.

I bought this umbrella (parasol, really) several years ago when my amateur theater group cast me as an ancient Chinese spirit waiting to be reunited with my lover (my friend has weird plot ideas), but my soul was trapped in an umbrella (my mom tells me this isn't as random as it sounds and has something to do with a Chinese saying) and I never moved on to the afterlife. Anyway, we needed a rehearsal umbrella, so we picked this up at a garage sale (but as it is clearly more Japanese than Chinese-looking, we didn't use it for the actual performance) for me to drop repeatedly and potentially crush under me after my death scene.

...And then there was a convenient thing to be photographed with, so we did.

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