holy footwear, batman!

So I came across Martina's blog, (we are all seeking something), where, by the way, she is going to not wear pants, which is something I totally condone. And she did a little polyvore outfit post that involved Jerusalem Depot's selection of footwear.

I was sold at the phrase "Biblical sandals."

If I wore sandals, my sandals would definitely need to be Biblical. Because Jerusalem Depot knows "the Bible says that the sandals of the children of Israel did not wear out when then wandered in the desert 40 years...try these and see!" Therefore, I am considering (in this sweltering Indian summer heat) the following:

Above, Massada Biblical Sandals, $40.80 at Jerusalem Depot

Masada is not mentioned in the Bible by name, but it may have been the place David referred to as the "stronghold" (1 Sam 22:4-5; 23:14; 24:22) and where he took refuge from Saul (who wanted to kill him because he thought David was going to take his throne). [via]

Above, Emmaus Biblical Sandals, $40.80 at Jerusalem Depot

Emmaus is mentioned in Luke 24:13-27 as the destination of two disciples of Jesus traveling on foot from Jerusalem. The two travelers meet a resurrected Jesus, but they do not recognize him even as they travel together on to Emmaus. When they arrive at their destination, Jesus breaks bread "and their eyes were opened." [via]

Above, Beer Sheva Biblical Sandals, $40.80 at Jerusalem Depot

Beer Sheva (also Beersheba) means "the well of seven" or the "well of the oath," in reference to the covenant made between Abraham and Abilemech, king of Gerar, in the book Genesis, in which Abraham exchanges seven ewes for the rights to water and a well in Abilemech's land. [via]

...Talk about OG.
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