things i love: august

Is it really that time already? Oh my.

Things I loved in August:
  • Lincoln and the de Young
  • really cute (underage) French boys (who elevator-eye you) on the observation deck of the de Young
  • Chick-N-Coop, soggy cabbages, roast beef, and utter nonsense
  • Tony, a lot, and having someone to be morosely single with
  • my brother for soft chicken tacos at Taco Bell
  • Jessie and this turn of events for my class schedule that I have decided upon with my mother
  • the Bible as metaphor
  • my grandmama for head massages during my migraines coupled with stories about the old country
  • Disneyland, especially the Jungle Cruise because it is so cheesy-clever with its great-horrible wordplay, and trying to appear limp like dead bodies in our Space Mountain photos with my cousin and brother
  • my littlest cousin Carissa, because it is a novel feeling to be the one comforting someone scared when you know it's just an amusement park ride
  • oh my goodness, the Tiki Room, especially the talking wall-head-totems (it was my first time... I'm sold)
  • giant turkey legs at Disneyland
  • realizing that ShamWow! is derived from "chamois"
  • the boat ride around Huntington Beach and all those ridiculously good looking beach blondes
  • becoming Mirandolina
  • Lincoln, and Lincoln, and Chutney and lamb tikka masala in all its game-y glory
  • running into Jessie, and Jessie, and Borders, and talking because I feel like my mouth has been out of practice
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and being unable to read it without thinking of A Very Potter Musical and Voldy's voice (and, um, abs)
  • tweeting from my phone
  • learning how to thread body hair from my grandma
  • YFAT, my OTL
  • Ikea food
  • my family, because we are redic
  • Connie, Shelby, loitering in Walgreen's with a leg cramp, finding out what Dolores Park is really like, fabric, fabric, fabric, Kyo for busing with me, my mama so so much, and Cathy
  • babies, Allondra, and making cookies
  • T-Rexing through magazines
  • Vivian, our fourth apartmentmate, whom I think I like
  • parfaits from Whole Foods
  • my brother, Fisherman's Wharf, my cousin, Evan Kwan, caramel apples, late night Safeway runs for bacon for our midnight pizza
  • my brother's affinity for girly drinks (appletinis?!)
  • sweating it out
  • wearing sweats with high heels
  • the 51 bus line
  • Minnie, Kim, and Vivian
  • and Bryan and Amman and Mariah
  • Bryan's haircut
  • Lincoln, Szeto, Lincoln, Tony and Jeffrey, Tony, Henry Tom, Lincoln, Carmen, Liana
  • being a "bodybuilder" according to WiiFit
  • ironing my audition shirt on a baby ironing board about the size of my calf
  • the stupidly cute blonde named Rory who piggybacked on my audition time slot, and his British accent
  • apartment meetings and our bulletin board with grocery lists and receipts and weekly calendar of who will be home for dinner
  • this apartment for real real
  • getting through auditions and into my acting class
  • my Linguistics 100 professor because he is reminds me of Alan Rickman
  • going back to the apartment I am not hesitant to refer to as home
  • the bowels of Zellerbach!
  • the very blond boy (who was dressed like a leprechuan) named Benjamin, who goes by his full name, because his blondeness is truly blinding
  • Carmen for breaking 1000 Facebook photos for me
  • the paper umbrella I took to protect my delicate skin on a walk at Stow Lake and in which my soul was trapped a few years ago when I played a spirit from ancient China
  • not feeling that panic of returning to Berkeley after a weekend at home
  • OMG, our pizza with pesto chicken and sundried tomatoes and basil
  • the newfound realization that I am okay being by myself
And the latest installment of THINGS I LOVE: LOOKERS:

Hell yes.

(I'm thinking about doing girls for next month, since girls can be lookers too, but I appreciate men so much more, you know?)
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