Milan Fashion Week, Part the Third

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Above, this is from Bottega Veneta because that shot of mint/seafoam green in belt form looks so fresh against white, especially with that little band of raspberry to set it off.

Above, from Bottega Veneta because no matter how much I try to deny it, I am still a girl, and this dress is flat-out glamorousprettymagical.

Above, also from Bottega Veneta. Also glamorousprettymagical.

Above, from Dolce & Gabanna, just because I like the white lace blouse with its high collar and funny cuffed t-shirt sleeves.

Above, from Luisa Beccaria because this is so pretty for spring and so Iphigenia, you know? (Actually, after watching that clip, I really want to DIY some sort of gold chain vest to wear over a white dress so I can be even more like Iphigenia.)

Above, from Luisa Beccaria, cream dress over white lacy blouse with high neckline and puff sleeves. It's like innocence incarnate. (Or maybe the dress is attached to the collar and sleeves. Who knows.)

Above, also from Luisa Beccaria because this floral is so, so pretty.

Above, from Moschino Cheap & Chic because OMG laser-cut acrylic necklace! I want one with my name on it like Gala Darling's nameplate necklace, but in black like this one.

Above, also from Moschino Cheap & Chic. Shoes. Oh, have mercy, the shoes. Little lace-up oxfords with patent black toe caps and either ribbon or canvas laces. Also, the shoulder ties on the dress look exactly the right amount of careless to be carefree.

Above, also from Moschino Cheap & Chic because it looks interesting, not because I'm sure I would wear it. The entire collar of the shirt is like an exploding chrysanthemum and it reminds me of Queen Michelle's shirt/skirt sewing DIY with shower loofahs.
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