Today is one of those days that makes me hate Berkeley because it is school. Because I have to go to class when my sinuses are congested and my nose running and my body protesting every moment of being awake for lecture and screaming at the second hand to move the hell faster. Because my linguistics class has been moved across campus so the walk between back-to-back classes is going to be a sweatfest starting Friday. Because I fell asleep during an exercise in my acting class, because I've unintentionally not washed my hair since last Friday, because I have to mouth-breathe on people, because my nose is peeling, because my windpipe feels constricted like it's going to be bronchitis all over again, and I still have to read and take notes and be present.

And none of these things has to do with Berkeley. It's not the school; it's school. It's college life. That is what gets me down and frowning.

Though to be honest, I'm not very fond of Berkeley the city despite what I said last school year. It's not Berkeley that I like; it's the campus and surrounding area. It's getting around by public transportation for the first time in my life (because yes, I grew up in San Francisco and hang my head in shame for only knowing 2 MUNI lines, and those not very well, at that) and getting attached to mobility that doesn't require reporting to someone every time I need to go somewhere. It's watching people jay-walk en masse by the dorms like it's Chinatown. It is restaurants and traveling on foot and I don't even know Berkeley. I know UC Berkeley. A little bit.

UC Berkeley still has its perks. Like "how ridiculously huge and anonymous the student body is," which means I can eat lunch alone and be productive and not be forced to communicate with convenient people because that is, apparently, what other people do when they eat. Cal lets me be a loner. I like it.

It's just occurred to me that I don't have to love this school to go here.
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