Why I Love Marc Jacobs, deux

Because his work for Marc by Marc Jacobs is, as always, vibrantly youthful. The styling for Marc by Marc Jacobs is always more wearable than the Marc Jacobs line: more like something you'd see someone walking down the street wearing , which, I guess, is where a lot of the appeal lies. Photos from style.com, but of course.

Above, giant fucshia head accessory, tacky interpretation of leopard print, electricblueandorange! skirt.

Above, more of that blue with orange-red. Plus, check her shoes and the mixing of plaid with stripes within the same color family.

Above, SWEATER WIN. That is all.

Above, told you. Electric blue and violent red-orange. Oh mama.

Above, closer, because having a bag in the same pattern but smaller is utter genius.

Above, even more electric blue and violent orange.

Above, I want to steal the skirt and shirt off that model.

Above, I don't know why, but I really like the t-shirt. And the sweat pants-esque pants.

Above, the demented leopard t-shirt. It looks like it has measles and is choking.

Above, an electric blue crew-neck sweatshirt with shoulder pads. There is so much wrong with this, but I would totally wear one if I had one. Maybe this calls for a trip to Forever21 + some sewing...

Above, aaand huge electric blue head accessory + hot pink lip = one of my favorite color combos.

Above, and again.

Above, like the huge bow, like the dress, like the O HAI LUKE holy sexy. I. Am. Such a sucker for blondes.

Above, oh wait, is it a romper? Still, the genius colors make me think of Mesopotamia, or something more politically incorrect like a stereotypical Middle East that involves camels and pyramids. Also did you know that the dress on the left is my future wife?
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