Milan Fashion Week, Part the Second

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Above, from Albino. Seriously, this is so Organic with the slouchy thigh/knee-high nylons. Except it's more fun than sexy-childish (which are two adjectives that should not be conjoined... ever).

Above, also from Albino. I might be tights-shredding sometime. If I ever find any pairs I don't care about much.

Above, from Trussardi 1911 because of the leggings. YES!

Above, from Aquilino.Rimondi. For some reason this reminds me of wearing a lionfish (which would be really dangerous). Or, you know, giant clams, fungus, undersea creatures, the usual.

Above, also from Aquilino.Rimondi because the sleeves are too pretty and I'd so much rather see young women walking around in sheer sleeves than in baggy sweatshirts or too-tight strapless tops.

Above, from Emilio Pucci. Not much to say except the white, black, and metallic makes really pretty fabric. It reminds me of foiled tissue paper (for wrapping, not paper that was going to be a tissue but had its plans ruined).

Above, from Emporio Armani. It's weird because I don't like this, but when I look at it more, I do, but if I look at it again, I stop liking it. Maybe it's the pink. Maybe it's the strange diversion of the strap into 3 channels. Maybe it's that mystery shiny thing on the model's right thigh. The world may never know.

Above, from Maurizio Pecoraro. Sheer neckline, dress with sleeves, dress with pockets, SHINY, all my favorite things rolled into one. Now if this were a drop-waist instead of a sack dress, I probably would have verbalized my delight and freaked out my apartmentmate.

Above, from Gabriele Colangelo. I know white dresses for spring (well, for summer) are kind of cliche, but there's something really appealing about a startlingly plain dress with REALLY FANTASTIC SLEEVES.
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