NYFW: part 5

This is getting tiring. Almost like the real New York Fashion Week. I'm offering an authentic experience here, you guys. Pictures from style.com.

Above, from Herve-I-don't-want-to-Google-Pokemon-to-get-the-e-with-a-diacritic-Leger. I am feeling the bra-top and full coverage underoos.

Above, also from Herve Leger. I don't have intelligent or clever commentary for this except that gold and off-white are so pretty together and make me think of ancient Greece or Rome or something.

Above, also from Herve Leger. There're an awful lot of nude/tan/flesh colors going around, aren't there? I don't know, I like the sparkly bits. They look furry. I want to touch them.

Above, from J. Mendel because monster fur is always a good thing, and the paillette skirt is so verging on tacky. It's only saving grace is the neutral color.

Above, from Lela Rose, because I am learning that I cannot say no to short-haired Asian girls. Meet Emma Pei. PLUS, I want a printed jacket for spring because it is so seasonally right.

Above, also from Lela Rose. I can't tell if this is a layered look or if all the bits on top are attached to each other, but I LOVE IT. Watermelon colors, short sleeves over long sleeves, horizontal striped skirt, win.

Above, from Rag & Bone. Hell yeah. These are the most appropriately themed, inappropriately heeled shoes I can imagine for going camping.

Above, from Reem Acra. I like this a lot despite the fact that I would never wear it; nor would I want to see any of something like 99% of the world's population wearing it.

Above, also Reem Acra. I want the top.

Above, from Sophie Theallet. I find this dress totally unremarkable, but look at that fabric! The color is IMMACULATE.

Above, also Sophie Theallet. The belt. Hands down. I hope it's beaded.

Above, also from Sophie Theallet, oh my gosh light teal and gold, this is so RIGHT. I am such a sucker for color schemes.

Above, from Sophie Theallet because I cannot get over black with gold. Especially after Sam Sparro's "Black and Gold." And Adele's cover of it. "I'm looking for the reason why you even set my world into motion..."

Above, seriously, Sophie Theallet, stop slaying me. Peach-pink and gold WHY? This reminds me of a dress I was going to buy that was peach-pink and on clearance when I was 13 but didn't because I thought my bust would never grow into it. Boy, did I underestimate myself, and now I will be haunted by peach-pink for the rest of my life, only to descend into paroxysms of regret every time I see peach-pink.

Above, from Thakoon. Because I like colors.

Above, another Thakoon because pretty much all the color combinations from the collection really are perfect.

Above, from Tuleh, BOW SHORTS. No words.
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