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Dear 2.5 readers,

It terrifies me that this is my 1000th post. Considering my blog has only been in existence since February 18th of 2008, I shouldn’t have hit this post count for at least another few months, but there that is. I post too often.

I read somewhere on the internet that blogs with high post volumes tend to be short-lived. I still have limited confidence that I will continue blogging at this rate for more than another year or so, as I’ve had so many blogs (or personal websites when they were all the rage) in the past that I’ve abandoned for one reason or another, but as of now, that little blogging fire is still burning bright and shows no signs of burning out.

Of course, probably 85% of my posts are inconsequential and insubstantial and redundant (as in, other people have written it already and written it better), but I still maintain that, as Gordon once put it, this blog is more for me than for you.

So in honor of my 1000th post, I decided to interview myself. (I am a bit self-centered, did you know?)

FAZED-GIRL: Why did you start blogging in the first place?
FAZED-GIRL: Because I’d wanted to post my outfits somewhere other than mystylediary for a long time but never found the courage to do it. StyleBytes was my inspiration for starting a fashion (sort of) blog, because Agathe seemed so down-to-earth and truly obsessed with fashion. I wanted to be her (or her best friend). Shortly after I became a second-semester high school senior, I found myself swamped with too much time and wanted a productive way to channel my thoughts. Plus, I like to hear myself talk. Metaphorically.

FAZED-GIRL: Why “fazedgirl”? It sounds like the username of a softcore porn star.
FAZED-GIRL: I’ve had my mark on the web since 2002 or 2003, with a tiny personal website on angelfire, complete with requisite copied and pasted WebMonkey Javascript codes and 4-button navigation (You, Me, WWW, Etc). At some point I moved to geocities, and sometime between hosts, I found some webpage with a “Choose A Name For Your Website!” generator that involved picking an adjective from a list of adjectives and a noun from a list of nouns, based on the number of letters in your name (or something). And I ended up with Fazed-Girl and haven’t changed it since.

FAZED-GIRL: Why do you censor your nose?
FAZED-GIRL: Because I don’t want to show my face, but I like my eyes too much to cover them.

Actually, I’m already out of questions because I’m just not an interesting person, but until I become one, enjoy these gems from the past… or this picture of Cole Mohr. You can choose. (The power is in your hands.)

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Thank you for reading, kids.
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