naked as a babe

I was expecting the weather on Monday to be in the 90s, but the forecast was waaaaay off, so I prepared to be semi-naked for little reason. Anyway.

Above, cardigan: secondhand, mother's. Dress: somewhere in the Haight. Flats I am not wearing: Palladium. Foot tan: dedication and a pasty complexion.

...I probably should have removed the TV remote, pair of scissors, and calculator that we use for calculating grocery expenses before I took these photos.

P. S. That was our new couch (acquired from an English major named Paul, for whom I chose to not wear pants so as to obtain a lower price. I think it worked), and the above is our kitchen, complete with fridge magnet poetry (which I do not condone).

So, this dress is really awkward because if you have a bag on your side, it looks like the side of the dress got sucked into the bag and stuck up there, leaving your entire leg exposed but your back and front covered. In reality, the dress is just cut like that, with some nice draping in the front (oh, jersey!) and the sides cut up to where the sun don't shine. As you can see.

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