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Time for more useless coverage of fashion weeks! Today: London. Photos taken from

Above, from Charles Anastase. To be honest, I'm not crazy about the colors, although the idea is nice, but it's the collar of the blouse that gets me. Because I never wanna grow up.

Above, from Graeme Black. Unremarkable... but for the COLORS!

Above, again from Graeme Black. Arguably even more unremarkable than the previous outfit, except for the colors, which are like a desert oasis ... but with white.

Above, also from Graeme Black, because that cardigan shrug thing is just so bizarre. Pointy shoulders?! And is the whole thing cabled? It reminds me of a woolly pastry puff.

Above, Josh Goot. You cannot say no to a polka dotted skirt. ALSO, check out the sleeves of the blouse! Dip-dye/ombr(funny E). SO SUBTLE. SO SLICK.

Above, from Kinder Aggugini, because every part of this outfit that is black is damn. Also the skirt looks like tribal print juxtaposed on the Union Jack.

Above, from Louise Goldin because HOLY MOTHER OF TIGHTS. I NEED THOSE.

Above, also from Louise Goldin because it is nice to see them workin' the monochrome in a strange shade. Like lavender. Plus, cropped sweater alert! Cropped sweaters are on my To Obtain list.

Above, also Louise Goldin for cropped sweater reasons, although if there were a detail shot, I'm pretty sure the shoes and tights are also terribly pretty.

Above, Matthew Williamson, whom I generally do not care for, except that this top with the little mosaic of mirror panels was too good. Is there a DIY god? Because I cannot figure out how this would work.
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