girls just wanna have fun

I have never been very good at making and keeping female friends. I think this reflects a fundamental problem within myself, and my self-centered tendencies, and my being unladylike, and my being discontent with the many limitations of being a girl.

But to the ladies in my life, the ones who have come and gone, the ones who are here now, and the ones who will still be there whenever, to the women who have supported me and the girls who have giggled with me and scouted for cute boys and gone through those ugly times of learning to apply makeup with me, and the shopping trips and the chick flicks and the emotional drama and the synced periods... thank you.

For the understanding that men can't offer, for helping me grow up, for helping me learn how to be a girl and how to be okay with that, and for not laughing at me at the most awkward parts of my life. We are all so vulnerable. Thank you for trusting me with you.

I guess pink is a gendered color. Every time I wear pink I am acutely aware of being female and just how smart a pink-wearing girl looks.

Well, if genders have colors, then pink is for girls, and I am one, and that is okay.

White V-neck t-shirt: Men's Hanes via Target. Baggy cuffed denim shorts: Old Navy + DIY, mother's. Vertical striped hot pink tights: gift. White canvas shoes: Payless.
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