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I'd forgotten what it was like to scroll through all the runway pictures during New York Fashion Week (and, you know, Paris and Milan and London too) because I haven't actually done it since junior year of high school. Which is three years ago. And I think I missed getting excited over next season and trying to figure out how to channel the runway without actually buying anything. Here is an obnoxiously large batch of my picks from the first couple of days, all via

Above, from Alabama Chanin. Because dropwaist is heaven. Also, the oatmeal colors and layered skirts remind me of old-school slips.

Above, from BCBG Max Azria, just for the print.

Above, from Charlotte Ronson, for whatever her legwear is (nude nylon/silk biker shorts with strategic ruching?) and the overall colors.

Above, from Cynthia Rowley, because do those shorts she's wearing qualify as the Daisy Dukes of culottes? That doesn't even sound possible. And that (embellished?) sweater! And of course the visible socks.

Above, from Cynthia Steffe. I just can't say no to this print, especially with the gray top.

Above, also from Cynthia Steffe. Yes to denim shortalls with baggy legs, yes to that white blouse thing that looks more laser-cut than crochet with huge sleeves (if those count as sleeves).

Above, also from Cynthia Steffe, this is pure jellyfish.

Above, from Gary Graham (no idea who he is). The hair, the wastrel dress, the washed-out color.

Above, also from Gary Graham. Another horizontal-stripe skirt (see Alabama Chanin). The dark brown colorblock of the double-belt and the bottom of the skirt really get me. Of course, I'm a sucker for puff sleeves, high necks, and full skirts, too.

Above, another Gary Graham. Wow, the shoulders of the jacket and the colors. It's like... wastrel-in-military.

Above, from Helmut Lang. THE JUMPSUIT. I have no great love for jumpsuits, but this one works for me.

Above, also Helmut Lang. The outer layer looks like bird poo + space, or black and white fireworks, in the best way possible. And whatever is underneath, I really want.

Above, from Jason Wu. Actually pretty much all of Jason Wu S/S '10 is weirdly appealing to me, but a mesh neckline will always get me. And the colors! O, the colors.

Above, from Lyn Devon. I don't really care about what this model's wearing or what's tied around her neck (it looks like a sweater... or a scarf with baby sleeves), but THE COLORS! Oh, mother, I need me some fuchsia and hot-pink-red!

Above, another from Lyn Devon. This reminds me of Prada (Resort 08) with the sweater and full skirt, except, you know, a cropped sweater. I want a cropped sweater. And again with the horizontally striped skirts! (Which I don't think I would wear, but they sure are visually interesting.)

Above, from Organic. Oh my goodness. I want to be her. I want the frilly black bloomers and thigh-high semi-sheer stockings. It looks like you'd just take a pair of tights and chop the waist off and let the nylon roll down by itself. I wonder how they stay up, though.

Above, also from Organic. 1940s much? But yes to the floral and the shoulders and that hemline, which is strange for me to be liking, as I've never liked it before because it makes me look shorter.

Above, also Organic. Um, the blouse, the pants, her hair? Yes, please.

Above, also Organic. Stop taunting me. I want my trashy rolled-down nylons, dammit! And a drawstring blouse, perhaps. Chambray would be exciting.

Above, last of the Organic. I'm not sure how much I like the hemline, but it definitely works with the nylon socks, because I can't tell if this look is stuffy or trashy. Confusion is the best technique!

Above, from Monique Lhullier. So the hat looks ridiculous the way it's balanced on the model's head, but if I don't get my hands on something with sheer black sleeves so huge they could function as mosquito nets, I will forever be uncool.

Above, from Ports 1961. I think the cut of this dress is near unwearable, and I don't know what's going on with the design on the fabric (Balloons? Pepperoni? Disease?), but this color is delicious.

Above, from Rachel Comey. Bustier? Check. Velvet? Maybecheck. BURNT ORANGE? CHECK.

Above, from Preen. Nude and black always works. Nude and black and asymmetrical, sheer, and frothy? Still works. It kind of makes me think of aliens oozing out of a living host, or maggots in a piece of rotting flesh. In a positive way.
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