its days were numbered

These number-print leggings have probably seen their last days after Tater Tot, my cousin's easily excited Welsh Corgi, scrambled onto my lap in the car on the way back home on Friday, hooking the jump ring of his collar into my tights and leaving a 1-inch hole gaping below my knee. (Then again, I was supposed to retire my brown oxfords from Payless and still haven't. I'm not very good at letting go, you see.) You were among my favorites, kid, even though I can't do math to save my life.

Above, cardigan: secondhand, mother's. Neville Longbottom t-shirt: gift, Hot Topic. Dress: gift, Forever21. Number-print leggings: H&M. Flats: Palladium.

P. S. Does anyone else remember the land of numbers in The Phantom Tollbooth and how eating negatives makes you even hungrier? I should really reread that.
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