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I think I have chest acne scars. (Does your sternum area count as chest if you're a girl? Let's say it does.)

Why is there no convenient contraction of chest acne, like there is for back acne (bacne) or neck acne (neckne)? (Oh, because chest-ne would be too hard to pronounce.)

What I mean to say is, I think the scars on my chest are from acne, but to be honest, they've been there for long enough and my skin gets damaged so easily, I could be wrong.

And I am trying to be okay with that. And breasts in general. Well, here they are.


Above, dress: cannot be bothered to check right now. Socks: dollar store. Oxfords: Payless.

This is like a 12-for-1 special. You also get my tan lines (tan-fades?) and stubble and body hair.

No, really, you have no idea how difficult it was to walk out of my building wearing this. But I did it! And my body is thanking me for not making myself overheated just because I'm afraid someone's going to come up to me and think, "That is disgusting, does she know how disgusting that is?" Because 1) Other people are disgusting, so I should get to be disgusting, too, and 2) I did that enough last year.

And why do girls have to not be hairy, anyway? (Okay, actually, I know the answer because the internet told me eons ago when I was in high school and first asked this question (it started with sleeveless dresses... and marketing, then moved to sheer stockings and short skirts... and marketing)), but I don't even see how hairiness can be reclaimed as feminine. I think it can be human, though. Hairiness is human. Hairlessness is childhood, so hairiness is adulthood. Shouldn't adult-human be sexy?
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