NYFW: I don't know the French for 4

More shallow runway coverage! Images lovingly stolen from style.com.

Above, from Zac Posen. If I knew how to laser-cut acrylic, I would totally already own this brooch.

Above, also from Zac Posen. I would also own this brooch and wear it with Barney colors.

Above, and another Zac Posen, because this would be a hilarious DIY.

Above, from Vivienne Tam. Style.com gave her collection a... rather unfavorable review, calling the butterfly motif cliched. I dunno, I kind of like this vest and how it looks like it's alive and crawling. And it reminds me of Oskar Schell's birdseed shirt.

Above, another Vivienne Tam. Clearly butterfly wings blown up to a huge print, but I like the inky look of the black spots.

Above, true, I would never wear this (Vivienne Tam again) because butterflies are really cliche, especially for spring, but doesn't the idea of it tickle you? Contour cutouts! Especially the way the cutouts look at the hemline.

Above, another Vivienne Tam. The world needs more long-sleeved mini dresses.

Above, I find this waaaaaaay better looking and less cliched than the Kate Moss-Versace heart dress. But that's me.

Above, from United Bamboo, because the print and the rope belt. The colors are so, so good.

Above, another random and whack print from United Bamboo.

Above, and the last from United Bamboo. This print is somewhat more organized than the previous ones (it actually has repeating parts, for one thing), but I find it equally exciting.
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