nyfw: part SIX

SRS, guys, this is getting to be too much. Keep on keeping on! Almost done! (I'm almost regretting having started this.) Photos via style.com.

Above, from Araks, because the colors of the top are go-o-orgeous, especially with the shorts.

Above, from Brian Reyes, because I am feeling the bra top and sequin shorts. Put black sequins on anything and I'm probably sold.

Above, from Chris Benz because I just like the picture. Also, I would wear this to an interview. Because I am not a sensible person. Suit jacket with cropped pants, YES.

Above, also from Chris Benz. Isn't this totally United Colors of Benetton? Which is why I love it, because I am a sucker for colors?

Above, also from Chris Benz because HOMG, how rare is it to see this kind of waistline on a dress that isn't maxi? I am kind of in love with it because it's the same as my floral monstrosity bubble hemmed dress.

Above, also from Chris Benz. Who is this guy? The colors are genius, as is mixing the sweater with sequins in the same color family.

Above, last from Chris Benz. Again, sweater genius. Again, black sequins. (Unless they're something else. I can't see that well.)

Above, more brilliant colors, this time from DKNY. Because that posy-pink-coral is among my most flattering colors to wear (although I own nothing in posy-pink-coral).

Above, also from DKNY. Floral pants. Also, colorful graphic on already-graphic but neutral shirt. It is so close to looking cheap.

Above, from DKNY again because I cannot get over sequins. Also, floral pants again. I'm sensing some poor fashion choices in my future involving pansies on my pantsies.

Above, from Donna Karan because this color is popping up everywhere and I LOVE it, and the belt is whack.

Above, from Erin Fetherston. Because if you take a dress and put something sheer over the collarbone, I will fall in love.

Above and below and below, from Derek Lam. I didn't find the clothes particularly exciting, but this is BEAUTIFUL! Even if it's over the top.

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